Fun Fitness with Katie – Bootcamps & Personal Training Adelaide


Super Circuit

Incorporates strength, cardio & agility for an all over body workout that is suitable for ALL fitness levels, with NO choreography this is a fun way to get fit, toned and have fun, using weights, boxing, medicine balls, kettle bells and more, you will get into shape in no time and your body will love you for it, what have you got to lose except kilos and inches.

Personal Training:

One on One with a Fitness Professional to encourage, motivate and help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Ensure your safety with proper instruction, techniques and guidelines every step of the way.

 Zumba® Classes – U Jam Fitness

Classes for everybody. Join and have fun while keeping fit. MORE…

Medafit – HIIT

Medafit high intensity interval training that is fast effective and gets results, NO choreography, no weights, just full body explosive movements that incorporate strength, core and ploy metrics. Working big muscle groups to create LEAN muscle mass and increased metabolism. So if you want to burn  fat and get Leaner, Stronger and fitter, this is for you.


Kid’s Birthday Parties

At Fun Fitness with Katie, we can provide kids birthday parties for something cool and different why not try a Zumba® disco party !!!!


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